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2013 (or 2006+) HK radio work in a 2002 EGC?

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Yes, I've searched.

Nope. Haven't found anything specifically about a 2013 HU into a 2002.

The stock radio in my '02 electra glide is toast. The aux function is cutting in and out at random intervals for random amounts of time. At first I thought it was my Hogtunes BTS-AA blu-tooth receiver, but I'm pretty sure its the HU.

So I'm looking into replacing the '02 HU with a different one. For no other reason than aesthetics, I'm looking at using a newer HK unit from 2006+.

My question is this, is a HK unit from 2013 a plug and play deal with the stock wiring harness and the handle bar controls?

If not, how new of a HU can I use in the '02 fairing?

I'd like to stick with HD equipment for this.

Date: Aug 13, 2017   

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