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Infotainment Software Upgrade from Non GT model to GT Softare

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Has anyone upgraded the 1.21 software for a non GT Infotainment unit to a GT? I have the 2015 CVO Limited and my brother has the 2014 Ultra Limited and although our units are similar (infotainment) they are not the same.

And I'd like to know if anyone upgraded the GT software to their non-GT units and if so did they get all the functionality of the GT similar to the CVO units?

And this then ties into the second question.

His next move would be to buy the Sirius/XM module to utilize that option.

We just came back from a 3500 mile ride from Canada to Galveston and back and there are so many area's were audio is limited. He's going from Winnipeg to Niagara Falls in 3 weeks and is trying to get more audio options.

Thanks all.
Date: Jun 19, 2017   

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