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2017 Road Glides Help

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I sold my 2014 Ultra classic Saturday and now trying to decide on the new one. I thought i had decided on the RGS but the more i look, i keep thinking maybe the RG ultra... (but after riding a RG, I'm all in on the RG)

Can someone help me with

1. The exhaust difference. (im not looking to change pipes) Looks like the Ultra is a true dual is this better? I had true duals on my ultra and seemed to sound better and be cooler

2. Water Cooler... I still am not sold on them. I never had my lowers on my Ultra because i felt like it was cooler to ride, so im not completely sold on the lowers, but if the water coolers are not having any problems and keep the bike cooler...

3. Suspension? A huge noticeable difference? I dont two up often or at all but my fat *** is about 240lbs?

The other thing i think i would want is the saddle bag guards. I know how easy it is to drop these dang things.

I wish the road glide had the classic option...

It just seems like the Ultra (for the money ) has a lot more, having a hard time ... LOL
Date: Jun 19, 2017   

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