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Trailer Chock mounting

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Just finishing reading sooo many posts about mounting chocks in an enclosed trailer and I see ideas all over the place. So, hopefully, I won't get beat up for asking again. I'm buying an enclosed trailer. Whether it be condor, HF, or lock and load wheel docks .....with the condor, for example......are only two bolts going through the floor crossmember with the other two going through the wood floor? I see the condor come with two mounting bars. One mounts towards front of chock and one toward the rear. Also, I do plan to have e tracs installed along the sides to go with the D rings that are already mounted.

I'm buying an Interstate trailer and of course they are pushing the lock and load wheel chock and said they will mount it. I want to pass on it because I know the HF is the same one.....wonder if they will have all 4 bolts going through the floor crossmember.....or just two, with the other two in the wood. With the 1/2 off price, I may just purchase the L&L .....but would like to feel comfortable turning it down and buying my own and installing. Just looking for what you guys are doing.
Date: Jun 19, 2017   


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