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Baker compensator, AllBalls starter clutch and stock chain tensioner

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Yesterday- Just picked up my '09 Ultra with the newly installed aftermarket parts while retaining the stock chain adjuster. I will have a conversation with the mechanic (large independent service used bike shop) regarding the chain adjuster and its potential for issues. I need to depend on the reliability for long trips. I've read what I can find here regarding different chain tensioners with the Baker Comp.

I had the hard hot, banging starts and other symptoms and had this work done at 18,985 mikes. I was stranded when the stock comp took out the starter clutch. This was a couple days after I had my independent wrench look at the stock comp when I had the bike in for a set of new Dunlop AE's.

at that time he said the springs in the comp were shot but it was tight and should be ok until the special order Baker unit arrived. Well I got flatbeded home one dark night a couple days after this inspection. The Indy picked my Ultra and ordered the AllBalls starter clutch. I won't replace failed stock HD parts with more HD crap. I'm m sure he check the chain tension but I'm concerned with how it will perform long term without overtightening and taking out other parts.

The ride home from the Indy was an eye opener. Quick smooth startup cold and hot, smooth shifting. My bike already shifted well but I noticed quite a difference. Prior to the service I know my clutch was adjusted well, readjustment after this service I believe is the norm. Since the '07 and up HD comps are failing and I'm looking for feedback on my setup. I also encourage others to scrap the stock comp and go aftermarket since there are at least two choices for a comp replacements. I know there is also a baker and Hayden chain adjuster avail. I read a short thread regarding that but looking for more info on long term experiences using the stock adjuster with the Baker comp.

Date: Jun 19, 2017   


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