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Primary Chain Tension - stock tensioner - 2014 RK

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Hey all -

I have a 14 Road King with 10K miles (yeah, I know...I need to ride more!). I do as much of my own maintenance/upgrades as possible on this and other bikes I've owned. I've done OK with a wrench and my Service Manuals so screw-ups.

I recently changed engine and primary fluids. Everything looked normal. I use Formula+ in the primary and Mobil 1 Syn, 20-50 V-Twin (or M1 Syn, 15W50) in the motor.

Looking for some advice as to when I should remove the primary cover and check the primary chain tension(?). I was thinking of checking it at 15,000 miles when I do the next primary oil change. The bike is starting/running file at the moment. (BTW...$36 for the HD primary cover gasket! HD's over the top on their pricing!)

I read that the new automatic chain tensioners tend to leave the primary chain a bit too tight. Has that been the experience of most folks who do their own maintenance?

Looking for recommendations as to what mileage point I should pull the primary cover and check the chain tension(?).

If I find the primary chain is indeed too tight, should I consider replacing the stock tensioner with a Baker or Hayden? I sure did like the manual tensioner on my worked just fine.

I would appreciate some recommendations from those with 2014 or similar set-ups who have more miles on the clock than I do.

Thanks all...

Date: Jun 19, 2017   


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