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HELP: 2009 Sportster 1200 Custom - Dying when letting clutch out and throttle on

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Hey All, first time poster, long time lurker. This forum has literally saved me so many times! Tried searching this forum and the only remedies are related to carb'd sporties...

So I recently ran into an issue on my 09 Sportser 1200 Custom had her for about six month's and she's been running fine, until last night....

Problem: When in gear (1st or 2nd) I can get her moving with the clutch mid way out and the throttle on, but as soon as I pass the midway point with the engine revving at a good rpm, she sputters and wants to die - clutching back in stops the sputtering.

I can walk the bike using the friction zone with the clutch only but once I give her gas she wants to die...

Unfortunately, I bought the bike without a speedometer/odometer so I can't pull any error codes...

It idles fines in neutral, or with the clutch in and in gear, I'm stumped!

In neutral I can rev the **** out of her without it dying

Things I've recently done/changed.

Changed the battery

Suspected loose terminals, tightened everything and retried it, no success

Went to HD the day before the issue started because my throttle was sticking (had to manually turn the throttle off) the HD tech told me he took it apart and saw that the idle cable was pretty mucked up and that he lubed it and put it back but I would need a new one. I asked him if I could just manually unthrottle like I had previously and he said I could.

Rode around about 20 miles until the above issues started

As far as I know, the throttle is working fine and the idle cable is just a safety precaution...right?

Revving in neutral seems to be working fine, on or off

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!
Date: Oct 13, 2017   

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