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1" lower jiffy stand for 08 Roadster

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So I put 12" progressive 412 shocks on my bike, and i love it, except:

When Im on it, I can lean it over maybe 3-4 degrees and the jiffystand will come up.

However, 2up, its like 10-15 degrees before I can put it down or up.

I bought a '1200L' kick stand but then im leaning 20-22 degrees when i get off it. doesnt even touch the ground 2 up.

I measured mine, and that one. Seems from the Pivot to the bend, the Low is 7" and mine is 10".

So I think a 8.5-9" would be good. give me just enough room to put it down without having to lean over the bike the 'wrong way' 2 up, and still wouldnt 'fall over' the other way once its down.

However, Finding the length of which part number or item seems impossible. Ive been looking all summer and cannot seem to figure out whats what.

from what Ive found, i THINK the 1200R has an 'extended' kickstand due to the normal 13" shocks. then there is an 8" 'standard' on the custom, nightster, ect, and a 7" on the "low". but cannot confirm.

Figured id turn to the experts...

anyone have details, and know what I should look for the ebay, marketplace, or new that will fit?
Date: Oct 13, 2017   

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