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99 electra glide....Changed spark

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Here's the story. While riding stopped at stop sign,bike died. Wouldn't restart at first. Let sit for a couple mins and it started. Got it almost home and almost died again at stop sign. I kept it running by Givin it more throttle. Made it home (1 hour drive total)

Bike sat for a few months before I got time to work on it.(surgery)

Figured coil was going bad (sounded like running on 1 cylinder)so I have replaced coil with new hd part. Tried to start and battery was junk. Tried to jump and didn't take a charge so I replaced with a new hd battery.

Tried to start now but just turns over. Checked for spark and there isn't any spark.

Amy ideas??

Thanks in advance
Date: Aug 13, 2017   

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