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Oil Level vs Oil Consumption

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I have a 2017 Heritage (103 ci) with just over 5k miles on it and it uses about 1 quart of oil (HD SYN3) about every 2,000 miles. The spark plugs look fine but there is oil dripping from the breather hose into the air intake. The dealer suggested that I run with the oil level about half way between FULL and FULL HOT when the oil is hot. I tried that and it didn't make any difference.

I am a retired aircraft mechanic but I started my career on automobiles when most Chevs had 283's and Ford's had 289's. I switched over to aviation and worked on everything from Cessna 150's to B727's including a few airplanes that had air cooled engines with dry sumps such as P&W 985, 1340, and 1830.

I have read a few posts on this site from people stating that running with reduced oil level solved their oil consumption problems and eliminated the oil in the breather hose but I am puzzled about how this can be possible in this dry sump engine.

Can someone give me a technical explanation?
Date: Oct 13, 2017   

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How do you know if something sounds good?


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