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Hey guys I think I have a problem

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Good afternoon!

first off let me start by saying that this is my first ever harley. Up until now I've been a hondatwin kind of guy. I have a 2016 883 iron and I absolutely love it.

On to the problem. Yesterday as I was riding to work, I slowed down to pull off at a gas station and my oil light came on. I checked the oil and my levels are just fine. Once I headed back out the light turned back off once I had accelerated. Then today on my way home from work I experienced the same issue. Every time I would slow down the light would come on. As I pulled into the driveway I noticed a clanking like noise that grew worse as the rpms felt like they where trying to bottom out? I killed it immediately. After it cooled down I tried starting it again and it made a godawful loud clank and I killed it again. I have no idea. Any insight would be hugely appreciated!
Date: Oct 13, 2017   

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How do you know if something sounds good?
How do you know if something sounds good?


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