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Maybe 3, Possibly 4 Bent Pushrods?

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I've had a loud tapping coming from the front for sometime now. I finally figured out how to take the pushrod tubes apart and looked at the rods in prep for replacing what I thought was the culprit - a bad lifter. Well after popping the tubes apart, I spun the rods while unloaded. The front exhaust rod felt like it was binding as it was spinning around, and by look and feel it seemed like the rod was bent as the tube was moving back and forth slightly while I was spinning it. I took the rest of the tubes apart and found that, while they didn't feel like they were binding, the tubes felt like they were moving back and forth like front exhaust, all except for the rear intake.

Of course I on't know for sure until I pull them and look at them on a flat surface.

So a few questions....

Could the rods be straight and moving the tubes like this somehow?

Do bent tubes usually indicate bent valves?

I can't remember if the noise started before or after I painted the gear case cover, but when I took that off, I did not unload the cam - not knowing I was supposed to do this. The cover seemed to line up perfectly when I put it back on though. Could this be the reason for the bent rods?

Could swapping the rockers from front to back have caused this?
Date: Aug 13, 2017   

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