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Compression loss

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2014 DYNA FXDWG 103, 62,000 MILES: Riding down the freeway at 70 mph feels like somebody turned off the fuel, I would roll the throttle back and forth a few times and it would come back to life. It did it several more times, thought it was the fuel pump, but you can hear the pump pressurize when you turn on the ignition. Leaving work, got a few miles down the road and it started to do it again, this time I couldn't get it to come back to life. Sitting on the side of the road I cranked it over and it was like one cylinder had no compression. I tried it several more times and then it turned over with no compression, finally started up real rough and then started to knock real loud. The engine never made any noise, it was always surprisingly quiet. I pulled the rocker boxes and lifters, the valve springs look intact, lifters pump up good, cam lobes look very good (hardly any wear patterns), push rods straight. I was thinking that it could be the ACR's, but that wouldn't explain the loud knock. I haven't tried turning it over since I heard the knock.
Date: Oct 13, 2017   

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How do you know if something sounds good?


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