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Opinion: Harley 117 kit or?

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Just bought a slightly used 2016 lowrider S with 650 miles on it. Had HD to inspection on it and said the bottom end cylinder gaskets are leaking on both cylinders. Will be replaced under warranty. I am wondering if now might be a good time to drop the 117 kit on and possibly get free labor as they will be removing the exhaust, tank, heads, and cylinders to get to the gasket.

Question-What is people's opinion of the Harley 117 kit? Several dealers here in Denver have employee's and customers with 117 SE kit in their Lowrider S and other 110 bikes and love them. Seeing about 105 hp 125 tq. Keep in mind this is the Mile High city, elevation 5,280 feet-so much less oxygen here. We see 7 to 13% power loss with this altitude. I see S&S, TMAN, and fuel moto kits similarly priced however I think some of their dyno graphs seem inflated to me. Speaking to several Harley and private shop techs and tuners, they mention they harley kit is great. They also said they have had customers come in with Fuel Moto's 107 kits and run baseline dyno's and they numbers were much less than what they were on the graph given to them by whoever installed it. Not sure if it was Fuel Moto or a local tuning shop. Said tune was good there wasn't anything left on the table just lower numbers than what the customer originally thought, altitude aside. I am sure FM, S&S, TMAN all have great kits none the less just want to hear from people who have Harleys 117 kit and other similar kits.

I like the idea of using Harley's kit as the shop will warranty it. Thinking about maybe doing SE 259 cam with the 117 kit. I know a lot will say TMAN or Wood make better cams but again I hear it both ways and everybody has an opinion. Local shop here said of the 5 harley 117 kits they installed with SE259 cams, 2 guys came back and paid again to have stock cams put in as it was "too much". haha! Sounds like a good problem to me.

Thanks guys.
Date: Jun 19, 2017   

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