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93 Dyna start problems. Wire harness shorting?

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Going to write up my full dilemma here! Bare with me.

1993 Dyna bought rebuilt from local shop, had 0 miles on rebuild. Over a year in, garage kept and only 600 local miles put on bike I'm having serious start issues.

initially, 2 months ago or so, turn the key, normal bike processes all go, hit the starter button and loud POP at the key area/ignition (under right side of seat. Bike went completely dark. Turn key on and off, nothing.

took seat off pulled the key ignition off and took it apart to find white wire blew itself off and broke solder right off. No problem, soldered it back and re installed. Bike turned right on, fired right up.

took bike out 2 days later, bike fired right up, drove it to gym. Parked for 2 hours. Came out and turned bike on, hit the ignition and a loud POP/click again.. said sht, must have blown the ignition.

But this time I was stranded. Had to leave bike there over night, came back next day with pickup truck.

When I got there I figured I'd turn the key one more time just to see what would happen.... IT TURNS ON... try to start it and it clicks it dark again... kick the kick stand down, turn the key... turns on, hit ignition, FIRES UP.

so at this point I'm dumbfounded... Drive it for an hour. Park it and let it sit to eat lunch, turn key and hit ignition, goes full dark and can't get it to light up at all.

Now it hasn't started since. Every time I turn the key, it's dark, only way I can get it to light up (got it to light up 3 times in past month) is by tugging on wire harness under seat or at the neck., but when I hit the ignition it clicks and goes full dark and I'm unable to move wires to get it to wake up...

need some input! I've been told to pull the full wire harness from within the frame as there might be a bare wire that's shorting the bike.. but I'm a bit timid to do that as it seems like a super pain to route the wires through the frame of this bike with how small the entry hole is at neck.

anything will help! Input on if you've faced similar problems, or even how to check those wires. I've done voltage tests at the fuses and relays, all looks pretty good down low.
Date: Jun 19, 2017   

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