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07 electra glide classic , stock head unit,polks in fairing, JL audio amp also in fairing ,140w bridged per channel..

i am looking to put 6x9 in lids , and obviously have to up the power to drive everything. The problem is i dont wish to run another amp ,lose bag space .

Is there an amp that will fit in fairing and have good sound at 80 . ?ok maybe 70. Also what 6x9 are recommended? Not afraid of spending a little money , i like to spend smart. It doesnt have to win a parking lot stereo contest , just let me hear it decent.

Any advice will be taken into account and appreciated. I have done research and after awhile it starts to run together. So im asking. Those that have done it or do it all the time ,what s your recommendations?

Thx in advance
Date: Aug 13, 2017   

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How do you know if something sounds good?
How do you know if something sounds good?


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