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Looking For a Clean System on a Budget

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Howdy Fellas,

I have s 17 Limited that needs a Clean sounding system using the factory HU and 4 speakers 2 in the fairing and 2 in the rear pods and not costing thousands lol.

The wife can't hear the music at highway speeds so she has given me the go ahead as long as I can see the unicorn and not chase it.

I am leaning towards the Soundstream PN4 1000d amp as it has great reviews and priced Right. Is this correct thinking so far?

I listen to metal/rock she likes country. The closet to rap we will go is Kid Rock.

With that being said I need suggestions on speakers of the correct ohms for the amp and our genre of music and any and all installation parts and pieces. I will be doing the install myself. I have never messed with motorcycle audio so any harnesses, pigtails, gizmos to make it right the FIRST time is where I need help.

It has been 30 years since I have installed a real system so take it easy on me with the technical things, I have forgotten a lot and technology has changed somewhat.

My goal is as clean sounding as possible, not so much loud. In my opinion if it's clean loud will follow without eardrums bleeding.

The last true system I installed was Alpine HU, Alpine EQ with 2 Sherwood 240 amps and 1 Sherwood 180 amp pushing 4 12 inch MTX Terminators 5x7 Alpine dash speakers and Alpine 6x9s in the doors with satilite? tweets. All crammed into an 86 S10 standard cab pickup truck that hit so hard it brings a smile to my face thinking about it.

I want to hear any and all suggestions from the gurus who know the bikes and equipment. My list has started now I need to complete it.

Thanks for your time guys.
Date: Jun 19, 2017   

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How do you know if something sounds good?
How do you know if something sounds good?


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