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Honda - 00' cbr600 f4 head cover gasket issue

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Hello all! I'm new to the forum here. I have a 2000 Cbr 600 f4. I have owned it for about two months now, and about a week ago when I went to start the bike I heard a loud pop, followed by smoke, and could visibly see the head cover gasket had popped out. The bike was running fine the entire day, no overheating issues, and it started right back up after the gasket popped out. I trailered the bike back to my house and began tearing it apart. When I took the head cover off the gasket seemed to be in fairly great shape so I decided I would try re-using it. So I put everything back together, got it running, and the bike seemed to be running great again for about 45 minutes. I turned it off, and went to turn it back on again I hear the same pop and puff of smoke. The gasket had popped out again. I have researched this topic heavily but can't seem to find anything similar to mine(since it only does it when the bike is being started, not running). I ordered a new gasket to replace the old one, but I also feel it could be my stator, or possibly a bad vacuum. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Date: Jun 15, 2017    Labels: Honda


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