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Honda - Snatchy Throttle

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I have 2002 F4I low milage bike it starts up fine, ticks over fine and revs fine. Never misses a beat.

However I find the bike rubbish around town, slow driving. I find the throttle very snatchy.

Going around a traffic Island or a corner can be a nightmare with the on off gas reaction I get.

I am a very experienced rider been riding longer then I care to remember so I dont lug engines. Last service was

about 1500 miles back which included new Iridiam plugs. The old plugs by the way showed me no probs with how the

engine was running.

My question is would a power commander cure this problem ! I really dont want to lay out 300 plus for something

that wont cure it. However if it will smooth it out I will do it.

Does anyone else have the same problem as me ? And if so and you fitted a PC did it really make a difference ?

Cheers Jak...
Date: Oct 8, 2017    Labels: Honda

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