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Honda - 2002 CBR600 FS2 starting problems

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Hello everyone.

Im really hoping someone can help me! I have had my '02 FS2 off the road for nearly a year and have been working on it slowly as money and time can allow. I eventually took off the tank, all front fairings, airbox and spark plugs. I have today replaced a broken ignition coil and 3 of the 4 spark plugs. The plugs I have used are a near exactly the same spark plugs but they have come from a 08 triumph street triple. EXACTLY the same on the outside minus the threading is all the way down instead of stopping about 1 cm before the bolt bit.

I have put nearly everything back on to test if the plugs have worked. I had the battery out and full charged, I have also recently replaced both the battery and rectifier regulator. I go to start the bike and nothing really happens if I just press the start button. If I hold the clutch in and then press start, there is a loud click from the stator(?) and all the electrics cut out and then come back on once I stop pressing the button. More often then not the dash doesnt come back on. Occasionally the electrics will cut out after pressing either the rear or front break. Also the front light switch will cut the electrics if i press it from off to main. I have checked the fuses and everyone of them are fine!?

Im aware theres alot of information but im stuck, I have no idea how to fix this thanks everyone
Date: Jun 19, 2017    Labels: Honda


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