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Honda - Electrical issue. HELP!

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So i just bought a 2000cbr 929rr. It ran fine the first few days. One day it just wouldnt start after riding for a couple hours. I turned it off, went into a store and tried starting it and it would go. I replaced tge ground wire to the battery and it was fine. A few hours later it stalled as i was riding. Started up rode to the next stop light, died again and wouldnt start. A few mkns later it started up and was the same cycle of BS all the way home. I realized when i pressed the brakes or the horn it would stall as if it were a killswitch. I then checked the fuses and they were all fine. I left the brake like fuse out and it ran perfectly. I took it for a ride and again, no problem. When i put thw fuse back in, the same things happen. HELP!
Date: Jun 14, 2017    Labels: Honda


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