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Honda - What am I missing? Fuel? Air? CDI?

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I bought a Honda CBR 600 FY 2000 off a friend who had pulled all the fairings off to have them sprayed and didnt want to put them back on so the bike sat for a about a year in a garage before i had it. It had a datatool alarm on it which i pulled out before i could get it going

I changed the Oil and Filter, new Spark Plugs, had to buy a new Regulator/Recifier and cleaned the Air Filter

I put it together and started her up with a bit of coaxing but got there in the end. GREAT. mot next, insurance, ready for the summer, Booked the MOT and started to ride it out my garage. Then it happened, the bike died, engine cut out and was difficult to start

Inspection time, I worked out the symptoms which are the same everytime and are as follows

The engine completely cuts out at around 3500rpm while in 1st gear, Itll rev to the red line in neutral

Its difficult to start after its been started once, itll start first time cold, I have to hold the throttle open wide to start it again

I had a few friends around and they all said it was the carbs and jets. Off they came, cleaned them as well as i know how, measured all i needed to regarding floats using a Haynes Manual, put them back on, SAME SYPTOMS

I then bought another Carb off eBay because i was so sure it was that. SAME SYMPTOMS, so i now have two

Since then, Ive checked the ohms for the Coils and the throttle position sensor and they check out

Ive started the bike with the air filter off and bypassed the Fuel filter and fuel pump. SAME SYMPTOMS

Can anyone help PLEEAASE
Date: Jun 18, 2017    Labels: Honda


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