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Honda - When plugs melt..... :(

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Ok I feel the need to vent some frustration. Well a couple weeks ago I walk out to the parking lot at work and get ready for a nice ride home. Tried starting my bike and it just didn't want to stay on, after a little while the battery was too low to turn the starter so i tried push starting it, at first it worked then a min later it died again. I borrowed a jump box from a coworker and nothing, once the box was disconnected the bike died. About 6 months ago I replaced the stator, rectifier and battery so I wasn't sure what the problem was. After using a friends truck I got her home to my garage. after tearing into her I found the plug to my stator fried to a blackened crisp. the plug on the wiring harness was in pretty sorry shape too. well i took my warrantied stator back to the shop and the new free replacement was on the way. while waiting on the new stator I further investigated the bikes injuries and found the rectifier plug partly melted so the rectifier went back to the bike shop also. I ordered a new rectifier plug thanks to eBay. with the new stator in hand i pulled a new stator plug off a salvage bike, soldered that into place, installed the new stator. My girl is almost whole again, just waiting for my new rectifier and plug.

I did take a chance for some new cosmetics in the down time. I installed a clear led taillight with integrated turn signals and a led license plate light that lights up red with my brakes. I also removed the crappy rubber surround from my oem mirrors and painted them for a sleeker look. Pics to come tomorrow of the mirrors, the lights will have to wait until the bike has power again.
Date: Oct 12, 2017    Labels: Honda

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