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Honda - 96 f3 eating fuel pumps, even after new relays and pumps

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i was wondering if any one might know any causes of why my 96 cbr 600 f3 has burned up 2 cheap ebay pumps 1 brand new OEM honda pump AND a used OEM honda pump , i have replaced the fuel relay even tho the old one tested good.

its like every time the bike gets warm and running nice after like 30 mins the fuel pump keeps going and pumps like crazy till it gets super hot ( burn ur skin off hot) and shuts off from overheating , ive ran the bike by bypassing the fuel pump and it runs perfect for hours long rides but im just wondering what could be the problem if ive used 4 different pumps and 2 different relays and still have the same problem???

, and what is the PSI of the pump if any one knows so i can look into possibly using a after market pump hooked directly to the battery on a switch but i found a 2.5-4 psi and a 4-7psi pump not sure which i should get cause im gonna be taking it into the mountains soon so il probably need a pump for steep climbs
Date: Oct 8, 2017    Labels: Honda

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