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Honda - Getting into CBR ownership

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Hey guys! New to the CBR game here.

I'm on my way to picking up an absolutely mint Hurricane. I just sold my ZX6R and I'm about two weeks away from my dream bike. It's a 1987 with 40,000 original km on it. My buddy put his heart and soul into fixing this thing up, painting it, and getting it back on the road. So far, I only need a new set of tires and a voltage regulator. The best part? I'm grabbing it for $1200.

So, aside from the typical fluid changes and whatnot, what's the best way to start out with a Hurricane? What're some things to look for, some things to change out, some quirks that will be apparent once I get riding? I really want to keep this bike running right and running for a long time, as I don't see myself getting rid of it.

Any BC guys on here too?
Date: Jun 18, 2017    Labels: Honda


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