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Proper way to install rear brakes on R100/7

Airheads - ADVrider -
is there a proper way to install the rear brakes ? I've been putting the assembly together with springs and then snap the two halves into place. It doesn't jump into position very easily and I seem to bend the washer on the rotating pin (the one that rotates when you press the rear brake). Seems like one can lose a finger in the process if you're not careful. I am also not sure if there is an upper and lower brake pad or if they're interchangeable. I have tried several configurations to what appears to be correct, I should have paid closer attention when I disassembled. When I press the rear brake now when everything's cold it doesn't make any noise. But after riding for an hour or so I can hear noise when depressing the brake, sounds like the springs expanding. Any comments or pointing to good instructions would be appreciated!
Date: Jun 19, 2017   

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