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Loud ticking on both the right and left side. 2000 R1150GS

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Hello folks! I have a 2000 R1150GS with 26,200 miles and I’ve recently noticed a loud ticking. The ticking appears to be coming from both sides, while a bit louder on the right, than left.

Details about the bike and the ticking:

- Oil Change: 2,600 miles ago with BMW 20w50 Mineral Oil.

- I did my first ever valve adjustment 1,500 miles ago and it appears to have went well.

- Occurs when warm, as opposed to cold.

- Appears to have a left side chain tensioner with a 17mm head (old style).

- Occurs clutch in or out. Very little sound difference either way.

- Happens even when I place my finger on the plate where the throttle cable winds up.

- Speeds up with upon slightly opening up the throttle. Speeds up with RPM increase.

- At high RPM I can’t really notice it over the exhaust while standing still or over earplugs when ridding.

- There appears to be two distinct ticking sounds. The left maybe from the chain tensioner, and the right maybe from a loose rocker, bad push rod, or something else.

I plan on checking the valves and rockers to see if they are too loose. I also plan on replacing the left side chain tensioner as well (Beemer Boneyard part good to go?). I can also try to check the pushrods if those are straight forward.

Any other ideas?

Thank you.
Date: Oct 13, 2017   

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How do you know if something sounds good?


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