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The GS Adventure is the best all round large adventure bike in the world....

GS Boxers - ADVrider -
Ok here goes what might turn into a can of worms....

According to some quick research on my part, the BMW GS Adventure is the best all round large displacement adventure bike in the world.

Notes, small print and disclaimer:

- I looked at physical stuff that can be measured in Excel - Torque, RPMs KW, suspension etc..

- The figures I have above was googled, therefore there are bound to be a bunch of mistakes.

- Its not easy quantify and measure stuff like comfort, responsiveness, electronics etc, therefore I went with the stuff that's easy to handle.

If there is another field or two that can be added, suggestions are welcome.

Same if you would like to see another bike / year model in this list.

The bright yellow values equal to 1 highlight the best in class.

Some notes with regard to ratings:

Torque : more better

Torque RPM : lower better

KW : more better

Tank Size : more better

Suspension Travel : more better

Ground Clearance : more better

Weight : lower better

Load carrying : more better

Alternator : more better

Points Assignment:

For each category the bike's value was divided by the best on class bike's value. The best in class bike would receive a value of 1 all the rest will be the percentage of their values with respect to the top in class bike.
Date: Oct 12, 2017   


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