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2016 R1200GSA (Low Suspension) on the Highway

GS Boxers - ADVrider -
I have a 2016 R1200GS Adventure with low suspension. On the highway it seems to buffet around quite a bit, especially compared to my 2014 R1200GS with regular suspension. My GSA seems to be sensitive to windy days and riding in traffic on the highways, especially behind or passing semis. My bike has the adventure cases, not much weight in them, proper preload and I weigh 175 lbs if it matters. My tires are Anakee 3's, 36 psi front and 42 rear with almost 6000 miles on them, and for some reason the front is worn more than the rear. I'm having TKC 70's installed this week during the 6000 mile service.

My question: at highway speed is the GSA more squirrely than the GS? Is what I'm experiencing normal for the GSA? I realize that the GSA has a steeper fork angle, more surface area up front and more weight than the GS. For the life of me I don't recall if my GSA behaved this way last year when new.

Why this is concerning to me is that one year ago I had a serious crash on the highway. I was on a KLR650 that went into a sudden chasis wobble/weave and I immediately hit the deck at 65 MPH. Needless to say I sometimes have my moments when riding on a highway. I believe that the big BMWs are rock solid and maybe a tire change is all that I need. But the GSA seems to always have been more twitchy than the GS.
Date: Jun 19, 2017   

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How do you know if something sounds good?


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