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Non-plastic or metal cooking utensils set?

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Been using the GSI folding cooking utensils when cooking meals out in the woods. After a couple of years, the plastics are getting a little deformed from the use and the heat. The set has a spatula, serving/mixing spoon, and noodle tongs. I use the first two more than the tongs.

I've got another set of the GSI stuff, but I think I would like to try something besides plastic the next go around. Don't want metal utensils as some of my cooking stuff is non-stick.

Thinking I'd like to try a nice set of bamboo or other utensils. Everything I'm finding are full length home kitchen utensils...would like to find something more compact if possible...or at least shorter. Anybody found a smaller sized set that works really well..bamboo or some other type?

Not looking for a regular fork/spoon/knife...something more geared towards the actual cooking component and not the eating. And no...I don't want to use my backup clutch lever or a moss and mud caked stick some squirrel has pissed on to stir up my hash or to move my eggs around the fry pan (had to say it...somebody's going to suggest these types of things).
Date: Oct 13, 2017   

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How do you know if something sounds good?


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