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Waterproof Boots, Do they exist?

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Off the bat, I know there is no such thing as 100% waterproof. But recently bought a pair of TCX Drifter boots for light off road and taking long trips on. They hit all the points I was looking for in a boot and love wearing them, even around the house. I have had low TCX WP boots before but never paired them with proper pants, they would get soaking wet obviously.

Paired the boots up with the sand 3 pants with liner and caught some rain coming back from Barber this weekend. Boots where soaked within five minutes! I have been trying to pin point where the water came in but am stumped. Boots are just now dry after constantly packing with newspaper and direct fan exposure. Filling up the tub and hooking up the garden hose tonight to test.

It is my dumb luck with gear but every review of these boots was "great waterproof boot!" am I missing something here? It's not as though I was doing a creek crossing or pushing out of deep mud! Just riding through some rain. What does a guy have to do to keep the feet dry and warm? Do a full body Plastic Dip before leaving the house?
Date: Oct 13, 2017   

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How do you know if something sounds good?
How do you know if something sounds good?


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