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Yamaha - Velorex 562 on a 650 Yamaha V-Star?

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I'm currently shopping around at sidecars. Since my son was born a few years ago, my riding has dropped to pretty much zero. He's getting to the point now where he's interested in my bike when I do get to ride, and he's gotten a couple rides on it around the neighborhood. It's an 1800 Goldwing, so it will be a while until he's big enough to ride it properly.

So mom has given me the go ahead to look into a sidecar, and fortunately for me, she's open to two options:

- Add a sidecar to the Goldwing.

- Buy a second bike/sidecar combo.

If it means I get to put miles on a bike again, I'm open to either. I've missed an opportunity to pick up a properly fitted sidecar (off of other 1800's) twice now, so I've been looking a little more at option 2. That would actually keep me from having to hack my one and only ride.

I may have the opportunity to pick up a 650 Yamaha V-Star from a buddy of mine, and I've always wanted another once since I sold the 2003 I had some years ago. My question is, has anyone mated one of the Velorex 562 sidecars to one of them using Velorex's own hardware? As someone who has never driven a sidecar rig (I have a buddy that put thousands of miles on his BMW/Hannigan 2-seater rig), would the 650+Velorex be a decent combination?

I'm not looking for a rig to cross the country on. I have my Goldwing for that, and if the kid is involved (at least for a few more years), I'm sure 4 wheels will be involved. I just want something to cruise around back roads with the wife & kid on the weekend, and ride back and forth to work so I can pick him up at the sitter's. If he ends up really enjoying it, it's possible a larger rig would be in the cards down the road.

So what say you?
Date: Oct 7, 2017    Labels: Yamaha

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How do you know if something sounds good?


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