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What program to organize tracks, waypoints, routes, etc?

Layin' down tracks - ADVrider -
I've been using Basecamp for years with my Garmin 60csx. Now that I've been using a smartphone with OsmAnd+ I am wondering if I should still keep using Basecamp as the main area to keep and store all my tracks.

The biggest issue I have is that I always like to look at the tracks on satellite views as well as the maps I use in Basecamp. This requires me to export the track or .gpx file to Google Earth.

It adds this extra step and I wonder if I should try something else. I've used quite a bit and do like it's route planning, but it isn't a database to store old tracks and waypoints (not that I can tell anyways).

What does everyone you and how do you like it's organization? I typically have a folder for a certain state, or an activity that I do, and then have sub-folders from there in my Basecamp directory.
Date: Oct 11, 2017   


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