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Garmin Smartphone Link ... no radar

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I have the BMW Nav VI installed on my '16 R1200GSAW and the Garmin Smart Link app (ver 2.7.0) on my iPhone 6S (running iOS 11). I purchased the Advanced Weather service months ago. The link between the Nav VI and Smart Link app has been sketchy enough. Now, I'm no longer able to get weather radar on the Nav VI. When I select Weather Radar, I get the map with "updating" in the lower right (all good so far):

However, after 3-5 minutes of "updating", I get the following error message:

This has been going on for days now. Is it just me, an issue with the local (St. Louis) area or a bigger problem with the link to the NWS radar data? While I really like this GPS (almost compelled to given its price), I'm super underwhelmed by the Smart Link app integration/functionality.
Date: Oct 7, 2017   


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