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So a few fellow riders have come up to me and said "it's a combo between Street Fighter and Cafe Racer" so I guess some of you interested in the Street Fighter look may enjoy lo...
This article comes from * * * Honda Motor Europe just announced its road racing squad for the 2018 season, welcoming Ian Hutchinson and Lee Johnston to...
I have read that if you get a performance exhaust you have to adjust the carbeurator? Mine is fuel injected. Does the fuel injection have to be adjusted or does it adjust auto...
Doing soon the CCT on my 1988 with a new CCT from '90-'96 model. There are 2 parts that are not on the '88 model diagram: Chain Oiler Guide Chain Oiler Plate My qu...


hello guys, I am new here, I have bought a bike 2 month ago, it is my firts bike and I like it very much, I have one question, Carburetor Intake Flange Holders Carb boot must ...
Ok so long story short one of the valves broke and damaged the piston in my f2. Now I don't know how I was so lucky but there is no scaring on the cylinder head wall. I have a s...

2 days ago

i bought a cbr600f4i 01-06 rim off of ebay and its actually a 190/55/17 6.0 instead of a 180/55/17 5.5 , would this fit even with different sized axles and spacers or am i screwed
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How do you know if something sounds good?
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